Understanding Halal certificate

The Halal certificate separates opinions, moreover due to the way of how it’s conducted by companies, or even, by the uncertainty of their true objective and credibility. But, let’s ask ourselves, what is Halal certificate really about? How does it reflect on our daily lives? Which are the companies that have this certificate?

Also spelled hallal or halaal, is any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. The term covers and designates food and drink as well as matters of daily life.

We can use as an example, the food production process which is conducted by a Muslim, preferably, if the process isn’t conducted by a Muslim, it should at least, mention the word “ bissmillah”, that means  “ in the name of God”. It should be done at the beginning of the process. The tools used for the slaughter should also be certified to ensure that the whole blood has been removed.

Halal can be seen as a certificate of quality for food, in practice, this is seen as a differential for many companies, however, we should see how, exactly, it has been explored.

What is the perception of Brazilians regarding The Halal Certificate?

Brazilians perceive Halal as a way to ensure high quality standards are maintained during the food production process, even if they have to pay more for that. It’s possible to find this certificate simply by going to the supermarket and looking at the different packages that contain the halal stamp on them. This helps to build up each brand that carries the stamp. Many people believe that the Halal stamp adds value to the products. They also believe that the Halal certificate, enhances the relationships between the Muslim community with the rest of the world, making business transactions easier to undertake, once the product carries the Halal stamp.

Which brazilian companies are Halal certified?

Well, in practice, there are many, we will go through some of the biggest Brazilian industries that carry this special certificate. Nicolini (Frigorífico Nova Araçá), Oderich, Agrodaniele, Doux, Languiru, Minuano, Sadia, Seara,Ajinomoto, Batavo, Café Iguaçu, Açucar União, Aurora, BRF, Agrogen, DoBon, Cargil, Carrefour, Elegê, Nestlé, Nescafé, Oderich, Piracanjuba, JBS, Peccin, Bunge, Prolab Cosméticos, among others. We can deduce that all this companies mentioned before, are part of different industry sectors and produce products of all kinds, from make up to frozen meat and others. The “Prolab Cosméticos Company”, for example, is proud to be the first Company with Halal certificate in the cosmetic sector. This way, Prolab differentiates from its competitors in that manner, as no other Brazilian make up manufacturer carries the Halal certificate.

Today, Brazil is the biggest exporter of Halal products around the world, and it is constantly increasing its market share due to the high added value that Halal certificate brings along. Based on current research, we found out that 30% of Brazilian beef and poultry exports are full Halal certified.

Here in Brazil there are a few established consultant companies, which facilitate all the steps a Brazilian company must undertake in order to be Halal Certified, and be able to place the stamp on its products. For example we have the case of “Alimentos Halal Brasil”. This organization offers assistance and guidance throughout the whole certification process, to companies from all sizes. All this entities need is the right intention of investing in this market further. As suggested by “Alimentos Ha+lal Brasil” any company that wants to be Halal certified, must search for information on how to get this certificate, even before starting production and packaging of their product.

In other words, we can be sure that Brazil is getting more qualified as time goes by, in order to attend the requirements demanded by the Muslim community. Brazil is now more than ever investing in improving qualification processes and training more people, by keeping this strategy going, they will appeal more to their prospect buyers around the world.

Come visit us at IDEX 2017!

Starting February 19th, Doracorp will be present at the biggest military show in the world, the 13th International Defence Exhibition and Conference! The event will take place in Abu Dhabi, and is expecting over 1.200 exhibitors and 100.000 attendees.

IDEX 2017 will bring together 56 countries and 42 official delegations in 133.000m² of exhibition and display area. Doracorp will have its own stand, so you’ll be able to find us there easily! The fair also features land, air & water demonstrations, and will showcase the latest technology in all sectors of defence.

We’ll be proud to represent our country in the occasion – Doracorp is the only brazilian food company present in the event. You can count on our experience supplying food resources to governments and the military to deliver the best solutions when it comes to international trading.


What: 13th International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX)

When: 19-23 February 2017

Where: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


You can register to visit here. Hope to see you there!

Practical guide: how to import from Brazil

Management, logistics and planning play a key role in international trade. It can become a huge problem when things do not go as planned. The logistics when it comes to importing can impose a real challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the country’s policies and particularities.

Information about aspects such as certificates, necessary documentation, taxes and other specific requirements can be hard to find depending on the country your company wants to trade with. As for Brazil, that is already a leader in world exports in many segments, it still has a great potential to become the number one in some other areas of the foreign trade, given its size and its economic potential.

Doracorp can help you understand more about the brazilian reality, and facilitate your importing process. With that in mind, we created a Practical Guide on how to import from Brazil. The material is very objective and contains the answers to the many questions you might be asking yourself.

Our e-book gathers valuable information on topics such as:

  • General notions of logistics;
  • general summary of the importing process;
  • permissions and necessary documentation;
  • possibilities to be explored within the country;
  • tax planning for legal tax cost reduction;
  • and directions on how to choose the ideal partner companies.

Download the material now and enjoy the best Brazil has to offer, importing the most practical and economical way possible!

Brazilian Export Map: download now!

Brazil is full of diversity: from its climate to all the different regions and cultures, there’s no place quite like it in the world.

Such a big country produces massive quantities of unique products, for both internal trading and exporting. We already established a profile based on the country’s 2016 exports in this post.

What’s interesting to know is this: even with its internal challenges, exports from Brazil rose 17.5% year-on-year to USD 16.22 billion in November of 2016, according to data from Trading Economy.

Thinking about all the country’s singularities when it comes to trading and all the products it has to offer, we created an infographic containing important information about Brazil.

In the material you’ll find out more about the country’s:

  • Most sold products
  • Main taxes
  • Main Ports
  • Exclusive products
  • Main challenges and benefits when exporting

And a map showing Brazil’s biggest buyers by ranking. Don’t waste any time: Download the infographic now and learn more about the brazilian foreign trade!

Gulfood 2017, here we come!

We’re happy to announce that DoraCorp will be participating once again in the biggest and most important food and hospitality show in the world, Gulfood 2017!

Hosted in the Middle East’s biggest trading hub, Dubai, the event will bring together over 200 countries during its 5 day period, from February 26th to March 2nd. Being hosted in Dubai World Trade Center and expecting over 5.000 exhibitors, it is a great opportunity to make new connections, study the market, find business partners and meet potential clients.

In 2016, Gulfood received over 93.000 visitors from 152 countries. From local distributors to small business owners, the show attracts people from different markets: government, retail, hospitality, catering, between many others.


Represented by a team of professionals and our Sales Director and President, Marcio Barbosa, DoraCorp was there and was proud of being part of such an important global showcase.

This year’s show will feature an Export Advice Clinic, where market experts and analysts will offer impartial, independent advice to those seeking help attracting new international buyers. If you’re looking to export and need advice on legal issues, transportation, regulation, or just want to have access to reliable market research, attending Gulfood 2017 might be a good investment. Other features include the traditional Gulfood Awards, the Emirates Salon Culinaire and the 9th World Cezve/Ibrik Championship.

So come and visit us in Dubai! We hope to see you there!


Gulfood 2017

When: 26 February – 2 March 2017

Where: Dubai World Trade Center

Za’Abeel New Hall, stand number Z5-H28

under the name ‘DORA EXPORT’

5 tips to find your ideal business partner

Finding good exporters these days may sound like a difficult task: where and how to find companies that produce what you are looking to import, how to approach them, will they be open and willing to negotiate are some of the questions that will arise before you start your business plan.

However, in today’s global market, where we have Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, this does not seem to be impossible anymore. It is essential that proper research is done beforehand, which will be the basis of a 5-star business plan that will take you where you want to be.

1 – Good exporters are not necessarily located in the big cities

Brazil is a massive exporter of goods with great acceptance in first world markets. These products usually are developed outside the big cities, which guarantee a much better cost for high quality products.

Many factories in small cities are investing substantially into making sure that they are easy to be found and approached by potential new partners.

2 –Business partners will help you through the process

Established exporters will have experience working with consolidated business partners throughout several years, which can be advantageous to a first time exporter, making the whole process easier for beginners.

Do not be afraid to accept suggestions from people and companies willing to help you through the initial stages of a negotiation. Expect to spend more in the beginning in order to develop successful partnerships.

3 – Professional website and bilingual staff available 24/7

Serious exporters know that the key for doing business in a global market is communication. They invest in training all personnel, making sure the staff is able to communicate in English.

It is not uncommon to see Chinese as a growing language in the market, and nowadays more and more people are keen to learning a third language other than English.

Their website will be clean, easy to navigate and available in at least the local language plus English. This way they make sure to have open channels, replying promptly to whatever queries received, facilitating any potential business approach.

4 – don’t be afraid to invest highly in the beginning

If you are a first time importer, make sure your business plan cover its costs in the first and second year, and ensure that you are doing business with the best professionals you can find. Do your research extensively before anything else, and don’t be afraid to contact potential exporters, swamping them with as many questions as you have.

5 – They will make sure to be available and accessible, being easy to be found

Good business partners invest in media, especially focused in attracting new potential buyers. Being easy to find on the market is fundamental if they want to be approached by potential new partners. Look for them online and get to know as much as you can about them. Make sure your future business partner will be available to you whenever you need before closing any deal. This can guarantee you a steady and successful long term partnership.