All about the Brazilian accession to the Vienna Convention

First, it is important to highlight that, when you talk about “Vienna Convention” you need to clarify specifying the topic, for there are many editions to this Convention and each one deals with a different subject.

The impacts of the exchange rates on international businesses

Following the US dollar fluctuations has become a routine in the life of any professional that acts in the foreign trade area, particularly if this specialist’s international transactions involve the Brazilian territory.

The advantages of working with Trading Companies (TC)

Trading Companies are enterprises specialized in export and import operations. These types of firms have the infrastructure to facilitate businesses between the selling and the buying companies.

Most common taxes to import products from Brazil

When we think of taxes on exports, we think about expenses. One should be aware of the entire process to know about the documents to be issued, legislation, transportation, internal taxes, service providers’ fees, import taxes that are collected at the time that the goods are withdrawn, tax exemptions and obligations, financial and banking costs, among others.

Major Brazilian ports

There are more than 2000 ports in the world, each with its size and its purpose. In Brazil, according to the Secretaria de Portos (SEP), there are 235 port facilities – taking into account public and private infrastructures. Among these 235 port facilities 37 are considered Public Ports (administered by the federal government – either through the dock companies or through municipal, state or public consortiums), and 161 are river ports.

Golden tips for importing from Brazil

It has been attested by specialists that the depreciation of the Brazilian real made the country’s account deficit to improve. On the other hand, this depreciation of the local currency also represents a help to boost Brazil’s export competitiveness.

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