Practical guide: how to import from Brazil

Management, logistics and planning play a key role in international trade. It can become a huge problem when things do not go as planned. The logistics when it comes to importing can impose a real challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the country’s policies and particularities. Information about aspects such as certificates, necessary documentation, … Continue reading Practical guide: how to import from Brazil

Brazilian Export Map: download now!

Brazil is full of diversity: from its climate to all the different regions and cultures, there’s no place quite like it in the world. Such a big country produces massive quantities of unique products, for both internal trading and exporting. We already established a profile based on the country’s 2016 exports in this post. What’s … Continue reading Brazilian Export Map: download now!

Gulfood 2017, here we come!

We’re happy to announce that DoraCorp will be participating once again in the biggest and most important food and hospitality show in the world, Gulfood 2017! Hosted in the Middle East’s biggest trading hub, Dubai, the event will bring together over 200 countries during its 5 day period, from February 26th to March 2nd. Being … Continue reading Gulfood 2017, here we come!

brazilian exports

Brazilian exports in 2016

Although Brazilian exports in the last five years have slowed down, the main indexes indicate that one of the worst crises has already left its apex. According to the Ministry for Industry and Foreign Trade, Brazilian exports reached US$ 132,391 billion up to September 2016, which, along with USD 97,654 in imports, summed up to … Continue reading Brazilian exports in 2016

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