5 tips to find your ideal business partner

Finding good exporters these days may sound like a difficult task: where and how to find companies that produce what you are looking to import, how to approach them, will they be open and willing to negotiate are some of the questions that will arise before you start your business plan.

However, in today’s global market, where we have Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, this does not seem to be impossible anymore. It is essential that proper research is done beforehand, which will be the basis of a 5-star business plan that will take you where you want to be.

1 – Good exporters are not necessarily located in the big cities

Brazil is a massive exporter of goods with great acceptance in first world markets. These products usually are developed outside the big cities, which guarantee a much better cost for high quality products.

Many factories in small cities are investing substantially into making sure that they are easy to be found and approached by potential new partners.

2 –Business partners will help you through the process

Established exporters will have experience working with consolidated business partners throughout several years, which can be advantageous to a first time exporter, making the whole process easier for beginners.

Do not be afraid to accept suggestions from people and companies willing to help you through the initial stages of a negotiation. Expect to spend more in the beginning in order to develop successful partnerships.

3 – Professional website and bilingual staff available 24/7

Serious exporters know that the key for doing business in a global market is communication. They invest in training all personnel, making sure the staff is able to communicate in English.

It is not uncommon to see Chinese as a growing language in the market, and nowadays more and more people are keen to learning a third language other than English.

Their website will be clean, easy to navigate and available in at least the local language plus English. This way they make sure to have open channels, replying promptly to whatever queries received, facilitating any potential business approach.

4 – don’t be afraid to invest highly in the beginning

If you are a first time importer, make sure your business plan cover its costs in the first and second year, and ensure that you are doing business with the best professionals you can find. Do your research extensively before anything else, and don’t be afraid to contact potential exporters, swamping them with as many questions as you have.

5 – They will make sure to be available and accessible, being easy to be found

Good business partners invest in media, especially focused in attracting new potential buyers. Being easy to find on the market is fundamental if they want to be approached by potential new partners. Look for them online and get to know as much as you can about them. Make sure your future business partner will be available to you whenever you need before closing any deal. This can guarantee you a steady and successful long term partnership.

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