• convergence between
    export and logistics
    The value added by the synergy between the practices of export
    and logistics cannot be left aside. This is the principle that governs
    the solutions and services offered by the DoraCorp Group through
    DoraLog and DoraExport companies.
  • Logística especializada DoraLog
    Discover a new
    way of doing Logistics
    Our logistics platform enables us to offer customized
    and flexible services to our customers, promoting
    tranquility, transparency, ethics and agility in
    managing their logistic operations.
  • Looking for new
    DoraExport can help your company to expand your horizons.
    With a strong presence in many international markets,
    we can take your products to the world.

The Group

DoraCorp Group adds experience in international freight to the knowledge and presence in the world market to optimize the value of commercial operations and logistics of your company.


DoraCorp Group is formed by the companies DoraLog, which operates in the segment of international transport / logistics, and DoraExport, which focus is in foreign trade of products.


Besides the strong presence in the African market, The DoraCorp Group works with commercial representation, transportation and logistics in several countries in South America and Europe.